Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Wheelchair Transportation

Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Programs provided by VA Transportation Healthcare provide a wide variety of transportation and support services for those suffering from chronic illnesses, who are injured, chronically or terminally ill, who need assistance with critical transportation. Approximately 70% of those who use NEMT programs are 65 or older, and/or impaired.


These people with limited transportation options may have to call 911 for non-emergency medical transportation, putting a strain on city and county emergency response systems. In non-emergency circumstances for transportation and in situations where family members are unable or unable to help, NEMT is the chosen mode of medical transportation. The cost of NEMT services is typically less than that of emergency transportation, and they provide more assistance than taxi services. Many healthcare providers, including doctors and other healthcare facilities, can take advantage of NEMT as a mode of transportation because it eliminates missed medical appointments and allows for safe on-time travel. By offering cost-effective ways to handle transportation between patient and medical settings on a regular basis, a NEMT may help address many of the growing challenges of managing chronic conditions.

How Can We Help?

VA Transportation Transportation Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) offers vulnerable recipients with reliable, effective access to early intervention/preventive medical treatment that they may not otherwise have. As a result, having access to preventative services prior to the onset of escalating health care needs has proved to be a less expensive and more successful way of keeping low-income, elderly, and disabled people out of hospitals and nursing homes, enabling them to stay active members of the community and live healthier, more independent lives while reducing overall health-care costs. We provide miscellaneous transportation services to our patients like same day non-medical transportation services, long distance non-emergency transportation services, nursing homes transportation services, assisted medical transportation, patient non-medical transport services, non emergency patient transport services, senior transportation services and wheelchair transportation services for adults in Manassas VA, Fairfax VA and Sterling VA.