Looking for Reliable Long Distance Medical Transportation?

With More Than 10 Year Experience, VA Transportation Healthcare is the Most Affordable Transport Service for Patients, Elderly & Those Who Need Assisted Long Distance/State to State Transport.

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Our service is specifically designed for patients or the seniors who are unable to travel using conventional means due to their medical condition or other assisted travel requirements. VA Transportation Healthcare has especially built vans for:

  • Long-distance transportation (significant distances, typically between cities or states)
  • For both medical and non-medical needs.

With a fleet of modern, reliable vehicles and experienced drivers, our transportation services are designed to help individuals who are unable to travel to medical appointments or healthcare facilities on their own due to medical conditions, disabilities, or mobility limitations.

Our team of experienced drivers and support staff is trained in providing assistance to those who require special assistance during their travels. We are committed to providing a reliable, professional and comfortable service to our passengers. We provide miscellaneous transportation services to our patients like same day non-medical transportation services, long distance non-emergency transportation services, nursing homes transportation services, assisted medical transportation, patient non-medical transport services, non emergency patient transport services, senior transportation services and wheelchair transportation services for adults in Manassas VA, Fairfax VA and Sterling VA.

Give a call to VA Transportation Healthcare Services for safe and convenient medical/non-medical transportation needs. Call 571-450-1300 now or book in advance & Get 10-15% Off


VA Transportation Healthcare offers specialized services for wheelchair, stretcher, and medical escort services, and 24-hour emergency transport.


We specialize in long-distance transportation for those attending special events, business trips, or who are simply looking to get away.


Many people have limited mobility and require special assistance during long-distance travels. We provide wheelchair and stretcher transportation, as well as medical escort services.


We have a team of experienced drivers who are trained in medical transportation, and understand the importance of patient care. Our team can also provide assistance during long-distance.