Bed to Bed Transportation

Hands that are special Individuals who are bed ridden due to illness or accident can use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation’s bed to bed transportation service. These people are unable to place any weight on their legs or bend their legs to descend the stairs. In both situations, walking and climbing up and down stairs is inconvenient or impractical.

That’s where VA Transportation Healthcare complete Medical Transportation services come in. We are designed to safely, comfortably, and independently transport these individuals up and down the stairs using a variety of techniques. For our customers, we use a high-quality, comfortable wheelchair. We deliver the wheelchair to the client’s bedside and assist them in transferring to the wheelchair using medical techniques. Our staff begins the transportation process after ensuring that everyone is secure.

The individual is carried up and down the stairs while safely seated in a wheelchair. After we drop off our patient at their destination, our driver will either wait for them or, in the case of longer visits, will contact you to schedule transportation back to the home.

Give a call to VA Transportation Healthcare Services for safe and convenient medical/non-medical transportation needs. Call 571-450-1300 now or book in advance.