Ambulatory Transportation Services

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Non emergency ambulatory transportation services play a vital role in ensuring efficient and reliable transportation for individuals requiring medical assistance.

Our trained professionals and well-equipped vehicles associated with ambulatory transportation services ensure that patients receive the necessary care during their journeys. By offering door-to-door service, accommodating medical equipment, and adhering to strict safety protocols, ambulatory transportation services prioritize the well-being and convenience of those in need.

If you require assistance equipment while walking, use our ambulatory transportation services, which can take you to appointments, shopping, and other needs. We can assist you in entering and exiting the vehicle. We can also standby or remain on-call while you respond to your responsibilities.

Ambulatory transportation is provided by using passenger vehicles with minor modifications. You can hire us for a single journey or by the hour. We can calculate your cost based on your starting and ending points.

Give a call to VA Transportation Healthcare Services for safe and convenient medical/non-medical transportation needs. Call 571-450-1300 now or book in advance.